Sports drugstore



Xiasis was born to take care of the "next step" of our athletes. 

We would want you to like more sports, we want you to be better, and we want you to enjoy more after your XEBIO experience. 

We consult and support our athletes in need of help. We offer our unique solutions that are only possible by a sports gear shop like us. Need more stamina? Recovering from fatigue? Want to prevent injuries before it happens? We are here to listen to your athletes' needs.
Come visit us in Super Sports XEBIO on the 3F of South bldg.

●Sample any of our supplements at our store!
●Try on any of our compression stockings!
●Try our oxygen capsules to refresh yourself and recover your strength!
●Manage your body with our body composition scale!
●Learn about your body more with DNA tests!


FLOOR : South Bldg. 3F