Shinpuku Saikan

Ramen (Kyoto)

Shinpuku Saikan

Shinpuku Saikan

Opening hours 11:00am-11:00pm

For over 70 years, this shop has been serving unique jet-black soy sauce ramen, which is praised as the grand champion of the western part of Japan. Specialist in Chinese soba noodles. 

The shop is a specialist in Chinese soba noodles that represents Kyoto. The soup is truly excellent, created with a secret salty formula of rich soy sauce and hearty pork! Although it looks strong, black fried rice, ordered by most people, is also popular. You'll soon find yourself coming back for more. Shinpuku Saikan as the origin of soy sauce ramen is re-opened!! You can eat this ramen only here west of the Kansai district.

The soup based on chicken and pork broth is completed with the perfect balance that highlights the taste of secret soy sauce.

 Noodles  Though it may be a cliché, here the soup really feels as if it's soaking into the original medium-thick noodles. 

 Ingredients Thinly sliced pork that brings out its sweetness.

FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F