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Real Mystery Solving Game City

Real Mystery Solving Game City Real Mystery Solving Game City Real Mystery Solving Game City

Opening hours 11:00am-11:00pm (Last entry 10:40pm) / Tel 092-272-2248

The hot real mystery solving game!
There are 3 games that you can select according to your challenge level! !

★Start from April 5 (Fri) 

“Quiz RPG: The World of Mystic Wiz × Taito Realistic Riddle-solving Game Defeat Space Invaders!!”

[Game Time] 12 min.    [Number of Participants] Maximum of 10 people 

[Play Fee] \1500 (with tax) [Continue Fee] \1000 (with tax)


Having received information of the presence of mysterious flying objects, “You” and Wiz went to investigate. While investigating at the witnessed site, you were surrounded with bright glares…. Next thing you know, you were in the “dots” world of Space Invaders, and Wiz was turned into a “dot”! Is it possible for you to defeat the Space Invaders which approach you one after another and turn Wiz back to what it was!?

You can select your favorite course.

●Hard: those who are comfortable with riddle-solving games

●Normal: those who try riddle-solving games for the first time

●Easy: those who try riddle-solving games for the first time and have trouble in puzzles, quiz games and such



"Infiltrate the Hideout of Thieves" 
[Time] 10min/[Number of participants] Up to 10
[Fare] 500yen (tax included)/[Charge for continuing] 500yen (tax included)

Get the stolen treasure "Orb (gem)" back! You become one of the Order and infiltrate the hideout of thieves. 10 minutes left until thieves are back. Will you be able to get the treasure of the country back!? Selectable game mode! Which will you select?
●Hunting mode・・・Relatively easy game content for kids and family focused on hunting.
●Solving mode・・・Game content for over 15 who are fans of a mystery solving game.


Yourself From The Future
[Time] 60min/[Number of participants] Up to 6
[Fare] 2,000yen (tax included) 

You are spending every day of your life without any complaints in particular. An old man appears in front of you and calls himself your “Future Self”, and that he has come from the future to help you change your “Future Self.”
Can you solve the code written on a scrap of paper by the old man・・・and change your life? 



Wish upon a star Chapter 1 Chapter 2
[Game Period] 30 minutes each / [No. of Participants] Maximum of 8 people
[Play Fee] 1,000 yen each (tax included) / [Continue Fee] 900 yen each

One day, you find yourself stopping by a used bookstore. There is a foreign book you happen to have in your hands, and there is a strange message written on it. It says “somewhere in this starry sky, there is a [wishing star] that can grant any wish”. In order to find it, it seems like the secret hidden in the foreign book has to be revealed. Can you unravel the mystery hidden in the foreign book and find the wishing star?



FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F