Randoseru (Japanese School Bag)


Ikedaya Ikedaya Ikedaya

Ikedaya Randoseru (School Bag) First Showroom in Kyushu
Placing emphasis on sewing technology, we built on the concept of “thinking of the children” to craft our Ikedaya Randoseru that was developed with Japanese craftsmen in the pursuit of quality. Eleven different types and a total of seventy-four randoseru (school bags) are exhibited at the showroom.

Regarding inquiries and purchases of randoseru for the 2019 schoolyear, please access Ikedaya’s website or contact us at the below telephone number.
New randoseru models for the 2020 schoolyear will be exhibited and sold from March 1st.

※From October 1st 2018 ~ February 28th 2019, there will be no staff at the showroom.
Please understand that you will not be able to hold the products.

Over-the-counter sale will end by September 30th, 2019.
Sale of randoseru (school bag) for admission in April 2021 is scheduled to start from March 1st, 2020.


FLOOR : South Bldg. 2F