The Forth Honda Heijiro Shoten

Ramen noodles

The Forth Honda Heijiro Shoten

The Forth Honda Heijiro Shoten The Forth Honda Heijiro Shoten

The original clear soup pork bone ramen, “Tanrei Clear Tonkotsu (pork bone)” has reappeared from “the birthplace of Tonkotsu! Kurume”!

Now, the “Tonkotsu Ramen” has spread throughout the world and is loved by people from many countries. About 80 years ago, when it was first made in 1937 in Kurume, Fukuoka, the soup was clear. Then about 10 years after that in 1947, the cloudy soup, “Paitan Tonkotsu” was made by the shop owner’s mistake, and now it is served around the world as Tonkotsu Ramen. On the occasion of the 80th anniversary, the popular ramen shop in Kurume, “Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten” has reproduced the original “Clear Soup Tonkotsu” and arranged it modernly as “Kurume Clear Tonkotsu”, and the shop has been located in the Ramen Stadium! Please enjoy this excellent dish which can be called the old-fashion, next-generation Tonkotsu Ramen! 


“Tanrei Clear Tonkotsu Soup” made with carefully selected domestic pork bones, simmered over the heat controlled by a chef to extract broth, and the rich “Kaeshi sauce” made with bonito, frigate tuna, mackerel, round herring, kelp, shiitake mushrooms, etc. are blended together! This pork bone soup is both original and new as well.

The original noodles of pork bone ramen were reproduced and arranged modernly using “Ra-mugi” flour grown especially for ramen noodles. The curly noodles will firmly grab the soup, and has good flavor of the flour and a chewy texture as well. Enjoy it!


To reproduce the “Clear Tonkotsu Ramen” born about 80 years ago in Kurume, Fukuoka, and arrange it modernly, we use only local ingredients; barbequed pork is made with “Yame Joyo Pork”, green onions are from Fukuoka, seasoned bamboo shoots are from Itoshima, etc. It’s an excellent dish made with generous amount of safe and secure brand ingredients. 


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