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Made(for)_humans/magari Made(for)_humans/magari

The apparel brand “Made(for)_humans” and the second-hand clothing store “magari” have not had a shop and were available only at pop-up stores, but this time we’ll open, for the first time, a one-year limited-time shop. In addition to more than 10 brand items such as up-and-coming apparel brands chosen by “Made(for)_humans” designer, Taro Ohtsuki, the archived used clothing such as “Designers”, “Urahara” and “Tech” and vintage interiors around 2000s are also available, and we propose “fashion as a whole life” matched up from the designer’s perspective. The works of artists and photographers will also be exhibited and sold.



Mysterious expressions based on unknowns, superstitions, emotions, and ego.
Proposing a sense of presence not found in existing clothes.
Offering clothing that matches the background of the times and graphics inspired by fictitious brands and science fiction movies.



Offering used clothing around the 2000s, centered on Designers / Tech Wear / Urahara, and proposing a unique fashion regardless of age.


FLOOR : South Bldg. 2F