Canal Aqua Panorama Vol.10 "Evangelion Angel Attack on Hakata”

  • Canal Aqua Panorama Vol.10 "Evangelion Angel Attack on Hakata”

It has been decided that an original anime of the internationally famous “Evangelion” will be on the stage in projection mapping from June 2019 as the 10th volume of Canal Aqua Panorama.
Prior to “Evangelion: 3.0+1.0” which is planned to be released in 2020, please look forward to the video product depicted through a large 65m x 20m screen, fountains, lightings and sound effects equivalent to those of a theater.

[Screening schedule]
June 1 (Sat)   20:00/20:30/21:00
June 2 (Sun)~ 20:00/21:00
※Duration: approx. 10 minutes
※Time and number of screenings may vary depending on the season.
※Schedules will be updated regularly as soon as it is decided. 

Sun Plaza Stage (The show can be seen at each floor from B1 to upper floors)

To commemorate the release of Aqua Panorama "Evangelion ANGEL, HAKATA ATTACK”, the 3rd official store called EVANGELION STORE HAKATA has been opened, following those in Ikebukuro and Hakone.
Apart from original products of “EVANGELION STORE”, “Limited Hakata Products” are also prepared. Furthermore, various projects such as exhibitions of Aqua Panorama’s photos, etc. are also planned.

B1F Sun Plaza Stage