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One of our largest flagship stores of MUJI is back in your neighborhood.

Please welcome "MUJI Books" as our new category at our store. We have carefully selected 30,000 books that we consider "superb forever." "IDEE" and "MUJI INFILL+" have also expanded their floor areas. And our extended selection of interior home goods will satisfy your shopping needs!

Since our opening in 1994, we have been a flagship store with the largest sales floor area in Kyushu, introducing MUJI trends to the world. With our new bookstore and extended living quarter zone, we are hoping to contribute to the regional development and growth. Check out our workshops and events collaborated with architects and creators working in Kyushu.

Introducing MUJI BOOKS
Products of MUJI have been designed and developed based on knowledge and skills passed down through history and traditions. The same applies to books and its culture. At our shop in CANAL CITY HAKATA, we have selected various themes for our books focusing on life and lifestyle with a total cooperation from Mr. Matsuoka, a Japanese Culture Specialist and his research staff.

FLOOR : North Bldg. 3F