moomin Bakery & Cafe

Bakery &Café

moomin Bakery & Cafe

moomin Bakery & Cafe moomin Bakery & Cafe

Opening hours 10:00am-10:00pm (L.O. 9:30pm) *Opening hours may be extended depending on the season

You can enjoy seasonal home-cooked Nordic food in an atmosphere which makes you feel as if you slipped in to the Moomin world.  We’re waiting for you with varieties of Moomin goods and great food including Finland beer “Lapin Kulta” and seasonal dish and desert the chef recommends. There is also a Moomin stand which sells “Nyoronyoro no Tane (Seeds of Hattifatteners).” Complete with three factors – Café, Goods and Moomin Stand – Hakata store can provide a quality service. 

FLOOR : Center Walk. B1F