Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten

Ramen (Kurume)

Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten

Ramen Kurume Honda Shoten

Reopen Oct. 3 (Sat)!

The proudly chewy, flavory “Homemade noodles” and tender “Homemade roast pork” are added to the traditional aging “Yobimodoshi soup” which has been continuously added. This is the authentic “classic” aging “Kurume Tonkotsu!”

Keeping the rare traditional recipe while continuing to innovate using unique techniques, we are very popular for ramen events and department store events nationwide, centering on the Kurume main store in Kurume City of Fukuoka Prefecture. Now, new stores are opened in Ikebukuro, Tokyo and even abroad to even further spread “Kurume, the birthplace of Tonkotsu Ramen!” in the spirit of “Onkochishin” (one should learn from the past if you want to understand the present and the future).



Pure domestic pork bones (only knuckle bones and heads) are cooked non-stop in the pots inside the stores to bring out the richness and flavor of freshly cooked pork bones. Please enjoy the “Genuine Tonkotsu”, in which the traditional making method of “Yobimodoshi soup” of Kurume, the birthplace of Tonkotsu Ramen!, which is said to be the “most difficult technique” nowadays, is kept.



Our homemade noodles are blended from flour by the hands of craftsmen according to the temperature, humidity, etc. of each day, and the noodles are aged for 1 whole day before they are used. Please enjoy the unique chewy and firm noodles that we take our pride in.



For roast pork, carefully selected pork ribs are cooked in tonkotsu soup, seasoned with a special sauce that has been continuously added, aged for 1 whole day and night, and prepared for 3 days. Green onions are tonkotsu green onions of Itoshima, Fukuoka where pork bones are used as fertilizers. For menma (bamboo shoots), the only domestically produced menma of Itoshima, Fukuoka are used. Ita-nori (sheet type seaweed) and temomi-nori (hand-crumbled seaweed) are all seaweed of Ariake Sea.


FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F