Ramen Jinanbo

Ramen (Hakata)

Ramen Jinanbo

Ramen Jinanbo Ramen Jinanbo

Opening hours 11:00am-11:00pm

Right in the center of Hakata tonkotsu ramen. An energetic shop supported by the young, the old, men, and women alike. 

[Fukuoka Ramen General Election 1st place] 

In an area of Hakata that hates to wait, it's a ramen specialist in Hakata that has a long line outside regardless of the time of day or night. Being rich and mild without a bad smell, this Hakata tonkotsu ramen is supported by the young, the old, men, and women. The shop enters into the RAMEN STADIUM once again.  

 Soup Our careful preparation makes a tasteful soup without bad smell. It's a rich, pure pork bone soup cooked thoroughly for a long time. Our concept is to make rich and mild Hakata tonkotsu ramen without a bad smell.

 Noodles  Thin straight noodles that well match the style of Hakata ramen. The noodles completed with a wheat flavor have the characteristics of a chewy and clear texture. You can also enjoy the hard and superhard noodles, and the second serving that you'll only get in Hakata ramen. 

 Ingredients As for roast pork, we use high-quality pork loin and make it to feel the delicious taste of the pork. One of the most popular toppings, a thick soft boiled egg also accents the flavor. It's a popular topping ordered by more than 70% of our customers.

FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F