ViTO Canal City Hakata

Gelato Cafe Bar

ViTO Canal City Hakata

ViTO Canal City Hakata ViTO Canal City Hakata ViTO Canal City Hakata

Business hours Mon to Thu, Sun, Holidays 10:00am-10:00pm (L.O. 9:30pm)/ Fri, Sat, Day the days before holidays 11:00pm (L.O. 10:30pm) /Tel 092-283-6066 (*available from Nov 1) 

ViTO offers the new style of gelato and cafe "Gelato Cafe Bar" The rich taste and moderate bitterness of our original blend explode in your mouth, and the aroma with a long finish brings out "simple smoothness" of the gelato which utilizes a unique manufacturing method and pleasant sweet taste. ViTO Canal City Hakata adopts "Japanese" design into the decor and "Japanese" ingredients into the menu so that you can enjoy an atmosphere different from other stores. 

 Main menu    
Single, Double 420yen/ Triple 470yen /Piccolo 300yen 
<Cappuccino> (M) 380yen/  (P) 340yen 
<Cafe latte> (M) 400yen/ (P) 360yen 
<Matcha latte> (M) 530yen/ (P) 480yen 
<Royal milk tea> (M) 450yen/ (P) 400yen
Others: Food menu such as pasta, soup set, and sweets menu such as crepe are also offered. 

FLOOR : Business Center Bldg. 1F