Nagahama Number One

Ramen (Hakata)

Nagahama Number One

Nagahama Number One Nagahama Number One

"Nagahama No.1", the legendary food stand of Fukuoka that people queued every night.

Established in 1971, we have observed our traditional taste. Tonkotsu broth is carefully cooked inside the restaurant. This is the restaurant of Nagama Ramen with a long history. The Hong Kong branch was awarded Michelin award. From Nagahama of Fukuoka to overseas, we offer full of smiles.

Fill a stockpot with pork skulls and bones, remove harshness, cook on high heat, sometimes on low heat carefully and slowly, and extract the taste. The white broth is a mellow taste without the bad smell and contains smooth and rich taste in simple taste.

Thin noodles which can be boiled in a short time are still used for people working in the busy Nagahama fish market to offer quickly. A large portion menu is not offered. A refill was started not to make thin noodles get soggy. It is low hydration thin straight noodles in technical terms.

The style of Nagahama ramen following Simple is Best is Char-siu pork and green onion. Sesame and pepper on the table can be added as a topping if you like. Although lately, red pickled gingers are used to take away the strong smell, it is actually to clean your palate. There are no formulae if customers enjoy our dishes.

FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F