Ganso Tomato Raumen  Sanmi

Ramen (Fukuoka/Daimyo)

Ganso Tomato Raumen Sanmi

Ganso Tomato Raumen  Sanmi

The restaurants to make a new age. Tomato soup with mild, simple and rich taste is our specialty

Original Tomato Ramen Sanmi (333), going viral on Facebook, Instagram and other SNS, built a new genre of Ramen. Here is the very popular Ramen restaurants which becomes common between mainly women of Fukuoka.

The vivid tomato red broth is the original one that an Italian chef worked up through a trial and error process. The broth made from simmered several kinds of brand tomatoes and aromatic vegetables makes people feel well-balanced sweet and sour taste, rich taste in simple taste, and taste of vegetables.

Thick staright noodles go well with the broth so that you can enjoy the harmony with tomato.

Healthy topping of celery, spinach, tomato and pork. The dish topped with the highest quality Grana Padano is exquisite.


FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F