Shodai Hidechan Ramen


Shodai Hidechan Ramen

Shodai Hidechan Ramen

Opening hours 11:00am-11:00pm (L.O. 10:30pm)

Come and try our unchanged taste of the ultimate bowl of ramen from 1993 when the restaurant was founded.

Soup: Classic pork soup stock mixed with our heritage secret sauce. The deep and thick and yet mild flavor of our soup is created from using joints and back bones.

Noodles: Extra thin noodles. Prepared from domestic wheat and kneaded with low moisture enabled the texture in noodles typical of Hakata noodles. This texture and our soup are a perfect match which you cannot get enough of.

Toppings: Thick sliced juicy and tender pork meat is made from the best ingredients marinated in our original sauce. The pork slices on top of our ramen makes our ramen whole.

FLOOR : Center Walk. 5F