Customer with Small Children

Free Baby Stroller Rental

Baby stroller is available for babies from 1 month to 3 years old. (For children weigh less than 20 kg)
When using, please show an identification document.
*In case you have no ID, 1,000 yen of deposit is required. When returning the baby stroller, the deposit will be refunded.

Rental Hours 10:00 am – 8:30 pm
Location Crystal Canyon 1st floor General Information Counter (Pick-up/Return)

Nursing Rooms

Please feel free to use it when feeding your baby.
In certain nursing rooms, a purified hot water system for preparing dried formula is installed. Marked with asterisk (*)

Location ・North Bldg. B1F near “Don Mai” (*)
・South Bldg. B1F OPA back of Laboon (*)
・East Bldg. 1F
・North Bldg. 2F near the elevator hall
・Business Center Bldg. 3F
・South Bldg. 3F (*)

Diaper Changing Spaces

We also have spaces for changing the diapers of your baby.

Location ・Sea Court B1F
・North Bldg. B1F near “Don Mai”
・South Bldg. 3F

Restrooms with Pull-down Baby Seat

Inside the facility there are restrooms with a pull-down baby seat. For the location, see the following table.

B1F ・Business Center Bldg.
・Center Walk
・Canal City OPA (west side)
・North Bldg. near elevator hall
・North Bldg. near “Don Mai”
・Sea Court
1F ・North Bldg. near elevator hall
・East Bldg.
2F ・North Bldg. near elevator hall
・East Bldg.
3F ・Business Center Bldg.
・North Bldg. near elevator hall
・South Bldg.
・Center Walk Canal City OPA near “AIGLE”
4F ・Center Walk (north side) near “Hakata Tempura Takao”
・Center Walk near “United Cinema Canal City 13”